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In the 1960s, the linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, LAS, replaced the ecologically harmful tetra propylenebenzene sulfonate as the primary raw material in detergents. Today, it remains the essential raw material for most detergents. For more than 60 years, LAB and LAS were subject to rigorous scientific tests - more extensive than any other surfactant on the world market. The results of the tests revealed that LAB as sulfonate (LAS) is quickly biodegradable and completely ecologically harmless. Thanks to these findings, LAS has become quantitatively the most important raw material of modern detergents in the world. More than three million tons are consumed per year.

When LAB was introduced in the 1960s, the idea to found the Chemische Fabrik WIBARCO GmbH was born. In 1969, the Wintershall AG in Kassel, the Elektro-Chemie Ibbenbüren and the Atlantic-Richfield-Company, USA, made the idea come to life. The name of the company was formed by the initial letters: WIBARCO. They built the Ibbenbüren plant in order to produce LAB, the innovative raw material for detergents.

By the end of 1970, the production had already begun. After three years, the Wintershall AG - a subsidiary of BASF-Group - took over the company shares of the Atlantic-Richfield-Company and the Elektro-Chemie Ibbenbüren.

They transferred the shares of the company to BASF, Ludwigshafen, in 1989. Today Chemische Fabrik WIBARCO GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Hansa Group AG. The company supplies the detergent industry worldwide. We export over 90% of the products we produce, reaching countries from Scandinavia to Africa, Asia to the Americas.

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