Chemistry in the landscape

Economy and ecology are important factors to consider in the production of high-quality raw materials - especially for mass-consumption products such as detergents. Chemische Fabrik WIBARCO GmbH, a chemical company based in Ibbenbüren, has adopted the philosophy "Chemistry in the landscape" to ensure the supply of high quality, environmentally safe raw materials to our customers.

We are the only German producer who supplies the detergent industry worldwide with LAB (linear alkylbenzene). LAB is the base for the raw material LAS (linear alkylbenzene sulfonate). LAS is the most important washing-active raw material for synthetic detergents, thanks to its excellent environmental compatibility.

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While we are committed to achieving first-class quality and economic success, we are also dedicated to the protection of the environment, and the health and safety of our staff. As a result of this commitment, we have achieved the ISO 14001 Certificate of Ecology.

Following the standards of this certification, WIBARCO will continue to offer you high-quality products that you can use without safety concerns. We are committed to this philosophy and use it as a guide for our processes and partnership. It's all about meeting the high standards of our customers.

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