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The key component of most detergents is LAS (linear alkylbenzene sulfonate). It is the necessary washing-active substance. LAS is biodegradable and it prevents the accumulation of foam on rivers and seas.

The advantages of LAS are activated by LAB (linear alkylbenzene). The environmentally friendly nature of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate makes it possible to produce detergents in large volumes.

WIBARCO has produced high-quality LAB for 30 years - it is the sole German producer. LAB is produced from the refinery products n-paraffin and benzene. With the production of LAB, we end up with a 30% hydrochloric acid by-product. This is used for water treatment in power plants and in acidic cleansers used to clean metallic surfaces.

Other by-products include heavy alkylbenzenes (HAB). These are used in various applications, including in lubricants.
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